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Language Marketplace is the leading provider of professional Conference Interpretation Services (simultaneous interpretation) in Canada, for conference events in any setting.

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As technology advances and businesses strive to be more cost effective, our conference interpreters provide simultaneous interpretation services on a daily basis using various webinar conferencing applications such as Cisco Webex, GoToMeetings and Adobe Connect. Let us know how we can also provide you with seamless conference interpretation services, in your terms. We provide Professional Conference Interpretation Services in any setting, throughout Canada and the United States. Language Marketplace provides human professional conference interpretation services for all your meeting requirements.

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Affordable Conference and Webex Rates
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No added Interpretation Management Fees

Event Review and Management

Expert Event Conference Management


Reviewing your schedule or agenda, maximizing our resources accordingly, keeping in mind cost effectiveness, and finally matching the appropriate conference interpreters for your conference interpretation event - all this is a FREE service to our clients!


We assign an Event  Conference Interpretation Account Coordinator, as a single point of contact for each multi-language conference event.


Our Conference Coordinators

Guaranteed results

* Understand each client's requirements.


* Provide costing that is honored.


* Select the right team of conference interpreter linguists.


* Maintain rigorous quality controls and ensure commitments are met.


* Will be available to the client; before, during and after the conference event.

The Right Linguist

Many Languages for conferences

* Must be fluent in at least 2 languages!


* Must have extensive experience and be Certified/Accredited with a Bachelor's Degree.


* Must be knowledgeable in a wide variety of subjects and terminology.


* Must be proven through our ongoing assessment program.



Open dialogue with our clients

Many types of services for conferences

* We keep the client informed at all times.

* We clarify any pertinent issues with the client should questions arise.

* We work transparently so that you can work on other important areas.

* We work in a friendly and professional manner so that you are confident in the success of your event's conference interpretation services.

Conference Services

We provide a dynamic network of professional simultaneous conference interpreters who are among the highest quality linguists and who work in all types of conference interpretation events.

"First, I’d like to thank you again for your help during our Conference’s closing plenary in June. Everything went extremely well ..."

Sebastien S.

Governor General's Canadian Leadership Conference
Lots of difference event services

Simultaneous Events

The interpreter interprets (translates) what is being said simultaneously, in ‘real-time’ as it is being spoken. The simultaneous interpretation is rendered to the target-language listeners via their earphones.

Consecutive Interpretation

In consecutive interpretation the speaker pauses for the interpreter to reproduce the message into the target language, in its entirety and as though the interpreter were making the original speech.

Webinars Conferences

Webinars, Webex meetings, teleconferences and video-conferences! Our expertise can help you determine requirements and setup. We provide seamless simultaneous conference interpretation for any online conference event.

Whispered Interpretations

When simultaneous interpretation service is required for only one or two persons, our interpreters can provide whispered simultaneous interpretation.



For smaller meetings, the interpreter can also use a portable conference system, where the interpreter sits in the back of the meeting room and interprets in a whispered mode into a microphone to whomever is listening (using headsets).


Live Broadcasts Events

Multi-language interpretation for large events with live broadcasting is a segment where our professionalism and expertise shines. Our simultaneous translation conference interpreters are trusted in this important segment.


Over fourteen years we have provided thousands of multilingual conference interpretation services. We are the experts. Trust us to ensure your conference interpretation services run smoothly at your next event.

Trust us to ensure your conference interpretation services run smoothly at your next event. We provide Professional Event Conference Interpretation Services in Canada and the United States. We also provide Conference Interpreters for many organizations worldwide. We provide simultaneous interpretation services for webinar meetings, video conferencing and audio conferencing. Language Marketplace provides professional human interpretation services for all your meeting requirements.

Our interpreters work in any environment or setting, including financial meetings, medical conferences, legal, business, and informal settings. We also provide certified/accredited simultaneous interpreters for teleconferences, video conferences and web conferencing/web-casting. We provide simultaneous interpretation services in Portuguese (both continental and Brazilian), Spanish, Parisian French and French Canadian, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), German, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Russian and any other language you may require. Our teams of interpreters are composed of the finest members of various international, national associations, such as ATIO, OTIAQ, ATA, ATIA, etc. For translation services we are one of the few select Canadian companies to be certified to both ISO17100 Translation Services certification and the Canadian standard CGSB-131.10 Translation services certified.

We have a reference list of satisfied customers that grows on a daily basis. We are able to offer specific conference references from all subject matters. These include areas such as medical conferences, government conferences, international organizations, mining, labor negotiations, legal, high tech conferences and spiritual events. We are sure to have previous related customers to give you peace of mind!

We have a dynamic network of professional simultaneous conference interpreters and consecutive interpreters that will fit all your needs. We are specialists in supplying the highest quality professional Simultaneous Conference Interpreters. Our interpreters work in every conference environment; from smaller group meetings utilizing wireless simultaneous interpretation systems, whispered simultaneous interpretation, to providing simultaneous interpretation (SI) services at large conventions or live events with thousands of attendees in a multi- language environment!

Simultaneous interpretation: The interpreter interprets what is being said as it is spoken. Interpreters often sit in a sound proof booth in front of a microphone. They listen through headphones to the incoming message in the source language and communicate (translate) it over a microphone to whoever is listening (using headsets) into the target language. This is the preferred method for simultaneous interpretation (often called simultaneous translation).

For smaller meetings, the interpreter can also be use a portable conference system, where the interpreter sits in the back of the meeting room, listening to the meeting directly, and interpreting in a whispered mode into a microphone to whomever is listening (using headsets).

And when there is a requirement for simultaneous interpretation (translation) for one or two attendees at your meeting, interpreters can sit next to the participant(s) – (we suggest no more than two) - and provide service in a whispered mode. Whispered simultaneous interpretation (translation) does not require any type of equipment.

Language Marketplace is a company with experience and a reputation you can trust! Our interpreters have worked in thousands of conferences and meetings. Our knowledgeable staff will help you every step of the way. Our customer service and quality will bring you back. Conferences are our specialty! Our head office is located in Toronto, Canada.

We provide interpreters and translators for conferences, events, teleconferences, videoconferencing and web conferences in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Québec City, and many other locations in Canada! We also provide our conference services in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles, and have participated in events from Africa and South America to Asia!




Click for a listing of a few conference venues where we have participated in interpretations!

Interpretation Experience

Below is a small sample of the simultaneous translation conferences we have provided services for:

Allied Beauty Association

American Registry for Internet Numbers

Calgary Economic Development

Canada Health Infoway

Canadian Federation of Students

Canadian Hemophilia Society

Canadian Pallet Council

Centre for Labour Management Relations

Century Iron Mines Corporation

Child Welfare League of Canada (CWLC)

Coca Cola

Congress 2014


Hilti Canada Corporation

Home Depot


Maritz Canada Inc.

Mental Health Commission of Canada

Ministry of Education, Ontario

Ministry of Research and Innovation

Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities

National Council 4000

Ontario Invasive Species Centre

PTAC Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada

Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada


Sheridan College

The Walrus Foundation

TO2015PanAm Games

United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

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