Event Evaluation and Management

Evaluating, scheduling, and matching the appropriate interpreters for your conference interpretation event is a service that we provide for FREE.


We assign an Event Interpretation Account Coordinator for your event who will:

* Understand the client's requirements
* Provide costing that is honored
* Set the project goals
* Plan the project process
* Select the right team of linguists
* Maintain rigorous quality controls
* Ensure commitments are met.

The right linguist:

* Must be fluent in at least 2 languages!
* Must have experience and be Certified/Accredited with a Bachelor's Degree
* Must be knowledgeable in a wide variety of subjects
* Must be proven through our ongoing assessment program.

Open dialogue with the client:

* We keep the client informed at all times.
* We clarify any pertinent issues with the client should questions arise.
* We work transparently so that you can work on other important areas.
* We work in a friendly and professional manner so that you are confident in the success of your event's interpretation services.


Please see our article on the difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.