Event Conference Interpreters

Experience matters. Our event conference interpreters participate in literally thousands of business and government conferences each year.

Language Marketplace provides professional language interpretation and translation services in any setting where there is a language barrier.

We provide Simultaneous Conference Interpreting services for international and National trade conferences, business conferences, board meetings, trade delegations, government agencies, and medical conventions.

Additionally, Language Marketplace can help you eliminate language barriers for all your Teleconferencing, Videoconferencing and Web conferencing requirements. Language Marketplace can provide you with language interpreters in over 140 languages and our rates are very affordable.


Save time and money by reducing meeting travel!

Teleconferencing, Videoconferencing and Web conferencing lets you meet and work with colleagues, customers and suppliers anywhere in the world - in real time. Language Marketplace can provide you with a no-hassle service for booking interpreters in any language for these events.

We also provide consecutive language interpretation services for depositions, interviews, court proceedings, medical assessments, insurance claims appointments, or anywhere else you may need to communicate in a different language.


Three major benefits of using our services:


1) We provide you with quality interpretation services. All of our Interpreters are trained professionals and are accredited/certified. All our interpreters work full-time in this profession. We assess our interpreters on a regular basis and provide on-going training.


2) Our prices are the most competitive in the industry, guaranteed! We do not charge an ‘organization’ or ‘booking’ fee. We offer volume discounts and great customer service!


3) We make sure that changing service provider is completely transparent. Whatever ordering method you used before; fax, phone or e-mail, we do it all. We may even be able to help simplify it!
Our knowledgeable staff will help you every step of the way. Our customer service and quality will bring you back.

Language Marketplace provides language event interpretation Services and translation services across Canada, including Translation and Interpretation services in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Québec City, Mississauga, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and Regina.