Simultaneous translation for Conferences

Simultaneous translation is another term for simultaneous interpretation and is often interchanged.

The Profession of an Interpreter is not legally recognized and protected in Canada. There are several interpreter organizations that are trying to offer some structure or credibility, however affiliation is monetary. It is unfortunate though, that for such a highly specialized activity, many people claim to be Conference Interpreters when they are anything but, and even more people maintain that they can arrange impeccable conference interpretation services. But is that true?


Some providers for conferences are convention centers that are in the business of renting out meeting facilities and can also be in the catering business. Simultaneous equipment rental companies sell, rent and operate simultaneous interpretation (SI) hardware. They also provide a full range of audio-visual technology. Hotels are in the accommodation, catering and meeting facilities business. Consultant Interpreters are interpreters that recruit their friends. Professional Conference organizers, or event planners, are in the business of taking care, organizing and planning events.

What you are actually looking for is a professional organization that simply provides Interpretation and Translation services.

Language Marketplace is in the business of providing Professional Simultaneous Conference Interpreters for both corporate and government clients.

Our interpreters are professionals with college and/or university degrees in Interpretation and Translation in their language pairs. They have also been certified by the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario, the American Translators Association, as well as other reputable organizations. It is important that professional interpreters have these requisites as specialists in their field, as well as experience. Language Marketplace has always been committed to keeping this high level of standards when an interpreter is hired.


Our simultaneous conference interpreters are also native speakers in one language and completely proficient in the second. This is important, as it is imperative that the simultaneous interpreter be able to go back and forth from one language to the other, therefore it is fundamental to understand and be fluent in both languages.



At every meeting or event, one of Language Marketplaces' coordinators is always available to coordinate the interpreters and acts as a liaison for all pre-meeting (event) preparations with you, our client.


This added service is FREE of charge.


Our prices are straight forward and the most competitive in the industry of Professional Simultaneous Conference Interpreters in Canada. We offer free quotes to all our existing and potential clients and there is no obligation.

Please call 1-888-365-2454 to obtain a free quote for your event.


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